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Another Dinosaur Needs Directions to the Tar Pits

There is a great article by Amy Joyce of the Washington Post entitled:Office Sterotyping and How It Stifles.  In it, advertising executive Neil French is quoted as saying to an audience of 300 that women "don't make it to the top because they don't deserve to." He elaborated, saying that women are apt to "wimp out and go suckle something."

Now I know I’m a little tough on bad managers, but do you really have to ask me why I’m not a fan of Neil French?  When this kind of outlook still exists, it makes me even more passionate about stopping it dead in its tracks and quickly! For all of you who aspire to management positions and ultimately want to develop as leaders, this is your competition. 

Please don’t emulate this kind of attitude.  After all, it is 2006.  Let’s do what we can to clean the workforce of this kind of mindless, archaic, sexist, and ultimately stupid kind of executive!

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Jul 9
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Jul 1
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