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Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Lead in Wealth and Giving
What happens when the world’s wealthiest person sits down with the world’s second wealthiest person? Cavier? Dom Perignon?  Not exactly. We had a chance to find out when Warren Buffet, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A) sat together with Bill and Melinda Gates at the New York Public Library yesterday. The result? The world will become a better place – in particular,buffet.jpg billions were committed to world health, alleviating poverty, increasing access to technology in developing countries and American education.

Warren Buffet, who is known for his successful investing methods and masterful accumulation  of wealth may now be known for his masterful wealth distribution. Buffet announced he will donate $37 billion of his estimated $44 billion net worth to foundations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

From the Washington Post,

“The money from Buffett, 75, comes with a significant catch. The letter says Buffett wants all his money to be distributed in the year it is donated, not added to the foundation's assets for future giving. The foundation gave away $1.36 billion in 2005, so the Buffett commitment would effectively double its spending.”

Like many great leaders, apparently Buffett and Gates were taking notes and learning from each other. Buffett noted in a letter to Gates that he admired the foundation and wanted to "materially extend it future capabilities." Over the past 15 years, Gates has become acquainted with Buffett and acknowledged Buffett’s influence on his philanthropy.

Remarkably to me, to date the $30 billion of assets of the Gates Foundation has been completely funded by the only the Gates. I am sure Buffetts donation came as a pleasant surprise to them. They mentioned they were "awed" by Buffett's commitment.

Like any savvy investor, Buffett has commited his capital based on the continued leadership of the Gates Foundation. He requires Bill and Melinda to remain active in the policy-making and strategy of the Foundation.

My hope is that this partnership of capital and goodwill will inspire others to share their resources and make an impact beyond on the business world. A good start would be for the great work that Unitus does empowering the poor through microcredit loans.

It is more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive.
                   -   Winston Churchill
Photo credit to AP/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Diane Bondareff

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