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Jun 9
SuperSize Me! Not

In writing about Jamie Oliver and the good he is doing for the nutrition of youth I got thinking about this nutrition movement and how the real impact has come not from government, education institutions, health ministries but from some independent folks that believed in a cause and brought it to the people through the media.

I will admit that most of the time when one person screams no one hears and in many cases, it is an issue that is only meaningful to a few people or does not make society better. In the case of our children’s nutrition, it is a supersize problem and stands to affect our future. The internet, blogs, and other media enable the word to get out.

A couple of years ago my teenage son told me about the movie Supersize Me after he saw it in school. This movie takes a unique look at the problem of obesity and illustrates the point with a 30-day diet of McDonald's Corporation (MCD).supersize.jpg

Was it a surprise that fast food is not healthy? No. I am health conscious and aware of this fact. But this movie illustrated in a way that made me not want to go back to McDonalds for those tasty fries and Big Mac (that did not seem to bio-degrade in special feature called "The Smoking Fry"). More importantly it made me think about my kid’s health when I wanted to stop at McDonald’s because it was convenient and had a playground and toy in my younger sons Happy Meal.

Too me the most interesting and scary aspect of the movie how school lunch has been outsourced to fast food.

I am not calling on McDonalds and other food manufacturers to change. I made my choice to not go back. If enough of us choose to stop eating unhealthy options, the economist in me says more healthy options will become available. Consumers have the power.

Fat chance? I hope not.

Check out McDonald's most recent defensive response here.

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Thanks for the inspiring look at health possibilities here, Hal. You make a good case here for the person who "calls it" and the person who takes a shot at "fixin' it." I think I see a parallel in some media that feeds junk to the mind... and it seems to me that networks such as KMM seem to be headed off in a Jamie Oliver way toward a wider spectrum of health.... Just a juxtapositon I noticed. What do you think?

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