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Global Night Commute Report
“On April 29th a nation closed their eyes to open the world’s….Hold On.”global night commute.jpg

You may remember the great cause that we reported in April on Leadernotes called Invisible Children. It caught the attention of the likes of Seth Godin and others.

The event was the Global Night Commute and attracted 80,000 people across 130 US cities. Power to the People. Organizers documented the event.

“We’ve seen our country change minds…..and change history.”

Check out the video. It inspires. Share it.
Check out the video. See the faces. See all colors. Share it.
Check out the video. Tap your foot. Take action. Share it.

Check out the video. Global Night Commute.

“The time has come to act. Become the story.”

Also look at video clips of the event in various cities from submissions to YouTube.

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