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Welcome from Another Contributor to Hal's Site

It's been fun posting here from time to time ... on Hal Halladay's site on Leader Notes. When I'm not here I'm at Brain Based Business, where my bio is located...and I will look forward to posting the odd contributions here.   

Welcome to Know More Media  and I look forward to getting to know you at both blogs.... Please do jump in and add your ideas -- because shared insights are at the core of the best blogging....

That's because we try to create the stir ... and you often have the stories! Make sure you let us know you are around... by leaving comments and suggestions because we look forward to hearing from you...

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» Leaders With Low Personal Intelligences from LeaderNotes
I was struck by Hal Halladay’s  post … Business As Usual Fails for Lay and Skilling … about Enron executives Kenneth L. Lay and Jeffrey K. Skilling  and I was surprised to read about their blatant problems of power, m... [Read More]

» Blogging From Your Naturalistic Intelligence from BrainBasedBusiness
If you wonder what nature has to do with your brain… your blog… or your business… you’ll want to read Know More Media CEO… Hal Halladay’s post … Learning Leadership in Moab… shows naturalistic intel... [Read More]

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