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Leadership Interviews
Calling all leaders.

This week at Know More Media and Leadernotes, we are interviewing interesting business people.Larry King Heather.jpg

I am lining up a few interviews but I would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions of people you would like to see interviewed on Leadernotes or maybe you would like to be interviewed.

So, give me your feedback.   Make some suggestions.  Volunteer.

Some big names are checking in.  Look at this line-up at LandingtheDeal including an interview with Seth Godin (thought leader, marketing guru, author).
Leaders With Low Personal Intelligences
I was struck by Hal Halladay’s  post … Business As Usual Fails for Lay and Skilling … about Enron executives Kenneth L. Lay and Jeffrey K. Skilling  and I was surprised to read about their blatant problems of power, money, and... Continue Reading
Memorial Day Means Do Your Part
Memorial Day for most people is the unoffical start of summer. It ushers in that liberating feeling that carefree days of warm summer days are here. Memorial Day should be much more than that - particularly when lives are at risk... Continue Reading
Business As Usual Fails for Lay and Skilling
It came down to character. Clearly Enron executives Kenneth L. Lay and Jeffrey K. Skilling were smart enough to lead Enron to rank 7th on the Fortune 500 list of US companies in 2001. However, some of the qualities that enabled... Continue Reading
The Power of "No"
Two letters, “N-O” and the stock market takes a dive. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is finding out that even small words spoken in social events can move markets. In a conversation at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner last month Bernanke... Continue Reading
Leadership Traits Are a Quotient
I read an interesting article by Margot Cairnes, a leadership consultant. Ms. Cairnes suggests that there are at least three measurements that provide assessment for potential leadership. These include Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient, (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). I... Continue Reading
Nagin's Chance to Deliver in New Orleans
In New Orleans (and from around the country), the people have spoken and Ray Nagin is the re-elected Mayor of the ravaged Louisiana city. I am surprised that the stranded people of New Orleans who lived through the horror of... Continue Reading
Leadership Defines New Orleans Mayoral Race
The effects of Hurricane Katrina may be felt by New Orleans for years to come. Much has been done to put the devastation in the past. However, the mayoral election of New Orleans has dredged up the memory of Katrina. As New Orleans’... Continue Reading
Leadership Traits Honed at High Altitude
I am always fascinated by opportunities to experience leadership and learn from the simple occurrences of daily life. So I found this course offered by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Undergraduate Leadership Program of particular interest.  The course is a... Continue Reading
Executive Leadership Has Risks
In a study released today, consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton reports that job security for top executives is shaky at best.  The study showed that more than 15 percent of the world's 2,500 biggest companies lost their chief executives... Continue Reading
Can I Get a Little Help?
I was driving in Provo, Utah the other day and saw a hitchhiker near the freeway entrance to I-15 with a sign that said “New York.” I am sure this individual had good reason to go to New York and... Continue Reading
Welcome from Another Contributor to Hal's Site
It's been fun posting here from time to time ... on Hal Halladay's site on Leader Notes. When I'm not here I'm at Brain Based Business, where my bio is located...and I will look forward to posting the odd contributions here.   Welcome... Continue Reading
Howard Gardner's Urgent Call for Good Works
For the last 15 years…it’s been my privilege to know and be encouraged personally by Dr. Howard Gardner. He’s currently Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Chairman of the Steering Committee of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of... Continue Reading
May 9
Friends That Inspire
A few weeks ago I was in New York and besides some business meetings and sightseeing, I made sure that I visited my good friend Ted Moran. Ted is a fixed-income trader at a prominent investment bank. I met Ted in... Continue Reading
Dr. Bill Cala -- Marks of a Brain Based Leader
It just donned on me today that Dr. Bill Cala’s story is really the story of a brain based leader. That's to say...Bill’s edge comes from the fact that he reflects… moves… and jumps on questions ...in ways that few... Continue Reading
May 4
From the Mouths of Babes….
The example of Kelsie Buckley, of Hurricane ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi is worth noting and sharing. Kelsie demonstrates that leadership is not about gender, age, power, stature or social class. Leadership is in its purest form is uniting people around a mission or... Continue Reading
Grants from Laura Bush Foundation Leads Families Back to Gulf
Laura Bush visited the Gulf yesterday to announce grants totaling $500,000 to rebuild and stock libraries in the areas devastated by hurricanes of 2005. Bush is a former librarian and public school teacher and has selected seven public and private schools... Continue Reading
May 2
Clippers are Led through Playoffs
Vision, commitment, intensity, poise, confidence, character, hard work, patience. These are the leadership qualities that transformed the Clippers franchise.
Continue Reading
Kobe Bryant is Converted by MVP Nash and Phil Jackson
After watching the Lakers make the once dominant Phoenix Suns look out of sorts and confused in game four of their NBA playoff, I have a few questions.   Where did this team (the Lakers) come from? Who is this... Continue Reading

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