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McNealy Shakes Up Leadership at Sun
Just a few days after posting about change in leadership, another high profile CEO makes a change. The Washington Post reported that there was a change at Sun Microsystems Inc. “SUNW”. Scott McNealy, known as much for his maverick and contrarian views of technology as anything, will pass the baton of leadership to his protégé, Jonathan Schwartz after serving for 22 years as CEO.

"I'm very comfortable and excited" about the change in leadership, McNealy said in a conference call with analysts and reporters in which he also discussed Sun's loss for the third quarter of the fiscal year. He said the decision to step down coincided with the company's annual planning process. "The timing fit me, and it was my call," McNealy said.

The timing may have fit McNealy but it was pressure from investors frustrated with Sun's stock price and recent inability to turn an annual profit since 2002 that forced the change. ZDNet’s Dan Farber noted that Schwartz praised the

“leadership quality of the team (both he and McNealy made a point of referencing the ‘leadership factory’”

Those at the company and on Wall Street are less thrilled about the output of the leadership at the factory and point to McNealy as the source for underperformance of the company.

ZDNet’s Dana Gardner writes how “Sun's Acorn Remains Close to the Tree” and that with McNealy still serving as Chairman and his protégé Schwartz serving as CEO, little has perhaps changed. Several leadership issues remain to change the lackluster performance of Sun. Gardner points to a continuing clash of culture at the company between engineers and marketing among others stating,

“Sun remains a series of cultures in high-clash mode.”

Performance at Sun will return when its leadership clearly defines a cohesive vision that aligns the assets of the company to its strategy and gets all 30,000 plus employees supporting that vision.

Check out Jonathan Schwartz’s blog.

Read more at the bizofcoding.

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