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Leading Through Change
A post by Phil Gerbyshak on things to think about if your organization loses it leadership is worth thinking about. Are you empowering your people to lead? If you or other leaders suddenly left your organization, would it hurt or help? What have you done to assure that your organization can continue if you leave?

These are all questions worth your consideration. Phil offers some insight on things a company can do before and after a leader leaves.

I believe that the best leaders will empower,inspire and train others in the organization to lead - thus softening the blow of any departure. This may make things easier but the best leaders are also personalities that unite people in a great cause. That is often hard to replace.

This week, Sandy Weill, Chairman at Citigroup retired after spending 20 years building the largest financial institution in America. The Washington Post reported that

“At times fighting back tears, Weill, who is 73, said that it was hard to leave the bank because "the people in Citigroup are really our best friends ... (who) worked together, had a common vision, built something together."

Unity, vision, building together, friends.......I am sure there was a succession plan and Citigroup will continue to succeed but Sandy will be missed.

What are your thoughts and ideas on leadership change?

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Performance at Sun will return when its leadership clearly defines a cohesive vision that aligns the assets of the company to its strategy and gets all 30,000 plus employees supporting that vision. [Read More]

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