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Clippers, Lakers and the Immigration Boycott
My town of Los Angeles is not short on craziness today. Following are the three stories that have everyone’s attention. All three events - critical playoff wins by the Clippers and Lakers and an immigrant boycott - have made LA-LA land just that.

First the Clippers move to within a game of winning their first playoff series since -- well since basketball was invented in Springfield, Mass. These guys are for real and have been all season. They take a 3-1 lead over the Denver Nuggets with their win today.

“The Clippers ended a 13-year road playoff drought and moved within one victory of the franchise's first series win in 30 years by beating the Denver Nuggets 100-86 Saturday night.”

Miracle number two. Kobe Bryant takes 14 shots – two fewer than Lamar Odom and about 30 fewer than he averaged this season. Fortunately for the Lakers, one of those shots came as time ran out in regulation and one came to close out overtime as the Lakers took an improbable victory from the higher seeded Phoenix Suns. It was a crazy game with Bryant spending a fair amount of time on the bench in foul trouble. For the third game of the series the high scoring Suns were heldkobe ot win.jpg below 100 points. Hmmm…..who knew that passing, team chemistry and defense could win playoff games? Is it a new era? Bryant’s leadership, previously non-existent, may be the difference.

“The Los Angeles Lakers may no longer be a one-man team, but they know where to go with the ball when the game is on the line.”

Photo from Lucy Nicholson – Reuters

And number three, and not sports related but a big topic here in LA. From the New York Times

“In Los Angeles, the police prepared for hundreds of thousands of people to attend demonstrations, while smaller rallies were expected in other West Coast cities. Some advocates in Los Angeles have pressed for a full boycott, while other leaders there, including Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, the archbishop of Los Angeles, have urged a milder approach.

Jesse Diaz, a rally organizer in Los Angeles, has called on people to avoid buying or selling products, and to skip work or school. He dismisses any division over the question as ‘wishy-washy.’In an earlier march, Mr. Diaz said, the crowd went ‘crazy’ when he announced plans for the boycott. ‘You could just tell these folks were ready to boycott,’ he said.”

And from the Los Angeles Times

“Authorities are preparing for hundreds of thousands to march down one of L.A.'s most storied streets, following a route between MacArthur Park and the Miracle Mile that's a microcosm of the city's ethnic and economic diversity.”

Read more coverage on the battle over immigration.

Does anyone even know or care that the Anaheim Angels lost on a wild pitch in the ninth inning or know that the Anaheim Mighty Ducks trail Calgary in the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs?
Invisible Children is Viral
I am passionate about the great message and work of Invisible Children. The guys from Invisible Children came to BYU at the end of February. I found them working a small booth in our student union. I stopped because of my interest in Africa and humanitarian aid.
Continue Reading
How to Raise $500,000 from Middle Class White Kids (and Why the Red Cross Never Will)

Remarkable.  Seth Godin encourages us to make our product so noteworthy that people will remark about it and want to tell stories about it.  Chartruese tells us to not be blankity-blank "pedestrian", meaning don't be common or average.

Three 20-something kids with a video camera wind up in northern Uganda.  They see incredible horror and encounter heartbreaking suffering, most especially among children.

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Corporate Leadership Turnover
In the midst of the Enron trial as well as the fallout from several other corporate scandals such as Adelphia Communications Corp. “ADELQ.PK”, WorldCom and Tyco International Ltd. “TYC”, I have wondered if we have raised our standards for corporate... Continue Reading
McNealy Shakes Up Leadership at Sun
Performance at Sun will return when its leadership clearly defines a cohesive vision that aligns the assets of the company to its strategy and gets all 30,000 plus employees supporting that vision. Continue Reading
Leading Through Change
A post by Phil Gerbyshak on things to think about if your organization loses it leadership is worth thinking about. Are you empowering your people to lead? If you or other leaders suddenly left your organization, would it hurt or... Continue Reading
Leadership from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
I spent several hours exploring the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown on Monday. I enjoyed it immensely as did my three boys.I found inspiration in many places and saw several examples of leadership. Here are some of the things... Continue Reading
Robert Cheruiyot Patiently Breaks Boston Marathon Record
It is Patriots Day in Boston today and that means a day off from work for citizens of Massachusetts and it also means the Boston Marathon.I was in Boston today – not in time to see the Boston Marathon and... Continue Reading
Jackie Robinson - Courage, Character and Self-esteem
On April 15 in 1947, Jackie made his big-league debut against the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field for the Dodgers in Brooklyn. It changed baseball.  It changed the United States. To commemorate this historic event, Major League Baseball has named April 15 as Jackie Robinson Day to honor number 42, who changed baseball forever when he broke the color barrier. Continue Reading
Brent Filson - Most Business Leaders Are Clueless About Communicating Well!
Editor’s Note: I want to thank Brent Filson for contributing this post as a Guest Blogger on LeaderNotes.  Brent is the author of 23 books including THE LEADERSHIP TALK: THE GREATEST LEADERSHIP TOOL and 101 WAYS TO GIVE GREAT LEADERSHIP... Continue Reading
Karl Malone Receives and Gives
You don’t have to look far to find stories about athletes that are selfish, self-centered and poor role models (find your own links). On occasion, there is an inspirational story that reminds us that not every athlete fits that mold.... Continue Reading
Stockton to Malone
I am a few weeks late on this but it is the type of story that I love so I can’t not mention it. Stockton to Malone like peanut butter and jelly.  They were a historical combination.A few weeks ago... Continue Reading
Leadership Changes Life in Liberia
The power of one can truly change a nation. For the past decade Liberia has been characterized by government based on corruption, gun-running, training an army of child soldiers and a penchant for chopping off the hands of civilians. After... Continue Reading
Apr 7
Harry Taylor Wins One for Democracy But Not Necessarily Democrats
In an age of spin and handlers, many in the media could hardly contain themselves after President Bush was challenged by a detractor in a meeting. I guess I am trying to figure out if what happened is worth all... Continue Reading
Apr 6
The Katie Couric Debate Rages
I predict that Couric will prove that she is an effective anchor and the “fluff” that she is known for on the Today Show, will be left at the Today Show. From all signals including the Washington Post, CBS is not planning to make the CBS Evening News and entertainment-based program. Continue Reading
Apr 5
Couric Makes History as First Woman Solo Anchor
Katie Couric has announced that she will leave the NBC’s Today Show after 15 years to become the anchor of the CBS Evening News.Couric will become the first woman to solely anchor a network news program, breaking a glass ceiling... Continue Reading
Basketball, Leadership & Character - Like Father, Like Son
The story is about Steve Randall, who coached boys basketball at Oshkosh West High in Wisconsin before suddenly dying of a heart attack in 2004 on the eve of his 30th season and his 16th at Oshkosh. More than 3,000 people showed up for his wake and the Oshkosh Northwestern received “hundreds of tributes to Coach Randall from around the country and overseas.” This outpouring was illustrative of “the effect a simple man has had on so many people.” Continue Reading
Apr 3
Learning Leadership in Moab
Between the sore muscles, scrapes, steaks, Gatorade and near constant laughter, I found glimpses of inspiration on the Porcupine Trail. These glimpses reminded me of the importance of good friends, trust, balance in life, community and teamwork. Continue Reading

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