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Mar 6
Reese Witherspoon is Trying to Matter
I can’t say that there is ever much at the Academy Awards that inspire me or makesjohnny & June.jpg me think leadership. I was happy to see “Walk the Line” garner some accolades. I am fan of Johnny Cash and I enjoyed the movie.

What made me stop and pay attention for a minute was Reese Witherspoon’s mention of June Carter. Witherspoon said. "People used to ask June how she was doing, and she would say 'I'm just trying to matter.'”

Trying to matter…..to your employees, friends, family, team, neighbors is a start to leadership. Making the world better for others and not just you is leadership. June was part of the first family of country music and rescued Johnny from self-destruction. She mattered.

Check out the Washington Post for all the Oscar details.

Thanks to Locust Fork for the quote.

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great line (trying to matter) Hal, I like to think of it as seeking to become that person you want others to see in you. Thanks for the inspiration to take a shot at it on another day!

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