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Guest Bloggers Come Forth
Our business blog network, Know More Media, has deemed this week, guest blogger week.  It is actually a March Madness tie-in and seems like a great idea.  IGuest Book.JPG have a few guest bloggers lined up but I would still like to see more get involved.

You don't have to be Joey Cheek or Bono or Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to get in on this.  You just have to appreciate the influence of great leadership.

So, who wants in?  Leave me a comment below if you would like to be a guest blogger for LeaderNotes.  This is your chance to get front and center on a leadership topic.  It is as simple as you emailing me what you want posted, and I will put it up for you with an introduction of you, our guest blogger.

Ellen?  Roberta? Liz? Greg? Macy? A reader in Battle Ground?  You readers in Italy?  Come on, now is your chance to have a say about a story of greatness, leadership or just making a difference.  I hope I hear from someone if not all.

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That sounds like a fun idea Hal, and I am always up for a challenge. Thanks for asking. Now that I think of it it's how I fell in a lake, slipped down a mountain and bought my first car.

A guest story on leadership would be a delightful challenge -- unlike any of the above -- please count me in and I'll head off to look for a yarn in my muse. Be back soon...

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