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Feb 6
Death by Seth....
I saw this post from Seth Godin and thought it simple but insightful.

“Most businesses don't fail dramatically.

They do it slowly……….

Organizations fail slowly. They often succeed fast, though. That's where the remarkable comes in. So, if I had to summarize it: You take a big step up... by being bold. But you avoid a slow death by getting every little thing right.”

The right leader to take bold steps may not be the right leader to execute the details of a business. We often see great leaders in entrepreneurship fail when execution and optimizing assets becomes more valuable than ideas.  There is often a transition from entrereneurship to managing and it is not for everyone.  Imagine a transtion from kicker to linebacker on a football team.  Or vice versa.

An organization will find itself moving along a risk curve based on a number of factors including competition, market position, industry dynamics, and disruptive technologies. Leaders must be capable of adapting to these risks or face the slow, undistinguishable death mentioned by Seth.

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» Entrepreneurial Leadership from MidMarketMaven
Hal Halladay at Leadership Notes made a great observation about Seth Godin's commentary on leadership in an entrepreneurial setting.  The point seems to be that even a great entrepreneur may not be the right person to lead the business as... [Read More]

I have seen this happen in my own little world in the quilting industry...a good "catalyst" starts a business, but can't manage the people or the details of the business and the decline begins...

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