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Feb 8
Coretta Scott King First Lady of Civil Rights
More than 10,000 mourners gathered at a Baptist church in Lithonia, Georgia, to pay tribute to Coretta Scott King, a champion of racial equality and the widow of Nobel peace laureate Martin Luther King Jr.

Corretta King funeral.jpgHer  funeral, held at a Baptist church in Lithonia, Georgia,

“drew a "who's who" of the political and entertainment worlds and the U.S. civil rights community.”

If Rosa Parks sparked the modern civil rights movement, Coretta Scott King was the first lady of the U.S. civil rights movement. President Bush noted, "Having loved a leader she became a leader. And when she spoke Americans listened closely, because her voice carried the wisdom and goodness of a life well-lived," he said.  Bush also described Mrs. King as "one of the most admired Americans of our time".

Unfortunately, several speakers seized on the presence of President Bush to attack his policies. In my view, the funeral was neither the time nor place to debate politics. Four U.S. Presidents attended the funeral. In contrast, no presidents attended the funeral of Mrs. King’s husband.

Thanks to the Tomo Report. Photo Credit BBC.

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