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20 Years Past...
I can’t remember everything in the past 20 years but certain things stand out. Some of the most memorable events of my career track the challenges faced by Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

One was the stock market crash of October 19, 1987. I had received a degree in finance a year before and was working for a finance company. I was a year from entering the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago and a hoping for a career on Wall Street.

1987 was the year President Ronald Reagan appointed Alan Greenspan as the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve. In my mind, as a student of economics and finance, it seemed impossible to replace the towering Paul Volcker who in the early 80s had reigned in the worst unemployment and inflation since the Depression.

Greenspan was tested immediately as he faced the largest stock market crash since the crash of 1929. The Dow dropped 508 points and 22% -- only 69 days into Greenspan's tenure. On day after Black Monday, Greenspan signaled the Fed's commitment to keep financial institutions afloat pledging "to serve as a source of liquidity to support the economic and financial system." Following the crash, the Fed injected roughly $6 billion dollars a day into the economy.

Journalist and author Peter Hartcher wrote,

“The challenge that came within a couple of months was the black Monday Stock Exchange crash of '87. When he handled that flawlessly he became enshrined instantly as a Wall Street hero and national hero.”

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Women Leaders
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Of the Things We Think, Say or Do
Great leaders seem to know instinctively or perhaps learn by expereince that leadership requires truth.  For a leader to have the confidence, trust and commitment of her followers, she must always speak the truth. Continue Reading
Historical Kobe Bryant
Is LeaderNotes just about basketball? It seems like it lately. I’ll admit, the past week has had a round ball influence. But the inspiring stories of “Glory Road”  and the 183 win streak of the Brea Ladycats  were really about... Continue Reading
A Team of Greatness
And we will remember 2006 as the year the streak came to an end. That is right, the Brea Olinda Ladycats won 183 consecutive basketball league games from the 1986/87 season until last Friday when the improbable but eventual occurred. The Ladycats fell. It took a period of overtime for El Dorado of Placentia to end the streak. Continue Reading
Glory Road Story is Glorious
Glory Road follows the path of Texas Western University (formerly UTEP) basketball team in racially charged 1966 and is based on the true-story of Texas Western coach Don Haskins, who was the first coach to deploy on all-black starting line-up for a college basketball team in the NCAA national championships. Continue Reading
Make it a day on, not a day off
Make it a day on, not a day off. A great slogan from mlkday.gov. “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King encouraged Americans to come together to strengthen communities, alleviate poverty,... Continue Reading
More on Martin Luther King
By coincidence, I was watching the U2 Vertigo Tour DVD last night when the band  U2 began playing Pride (In the Name of Love) which is a tribute to Martin Luther King.  I had been thinking about writing a post... Continue Reading
Martin Luther King's Leadership
King provided hope and a vision and a way to achieve that hope. He believed in people and the good of people. He believed that truth and light would win the day. His legacy should not be forgotten. Continue Reading
Keep it Coming
A great example of the value of blogging and using the collective experience of a community is a post by ManagersRealm author Gary Bourgeault. Gary responded to my post about adapting leadership style and how you empower and lead employees.... Continue Reading
Leadership Styles to Meet Needs

Leadership is a process. It takes time to listen, to show appreciation and to win trust. But the effort is worth it as employees become motivated to be more loyal, more skilled and more committed to their job. By listening and responding you will find what will motivate and inspire your employees.

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Leadership Style Points
That is a disappointment to any leader that seeks to empower and suggests a challenging and complex problem. What advice would you give? Is there a leadership style that he can effectively employ? Continue Reading
Jan 6
Lemonade from Lemons in a Rose Bowl
Welcome to the world of USC head football coach Pete Carrroll circa 2000. Carroll was coming off 17 years in the NFL where he had been fired by two teams. The program he was to inherit finished last in the Pac-10, the season before he arrived and had played in only one bowl game (it lost) in the past five years. He was not USC’s first choice. In fact he ranked fifth out of a short list of five. Continue Reading
Jan 5
Rose Bowl MVP Vince Young Leads
With 19 seconds left, Texas proved itself a national champion and worthy winners as Vince Young scored his third touchdown and capped an individual performance that has few equals. Continue Reading
Letterman: Funny or Fanatical?
I can’t help but give my two cents on the topic of Bill O’Reilly’s guest appearance o David Letterman. I have mentioned Letterman before. But I am not as impressed recently. Continue Reading
Jan 4
Worst Examples of Leadership in 2005
Leaders find their way to positions of power in many ways. How they use that power often defines them. While many leaders have power, power is not leadership. Power often accompanies the position and is an external symbol. Strength, on the other hand, relates to the character of a leader, rather than his position. Strength is internal. Leaders typically use power to motivate people through fear, while strength leads people through inspiration. Continue Reading
Jan 3
Setting Goals Help
Not everyone is psyched about making resolutions or setting goals.  THe Magic Lamp is a book that seems to be getting a lot of buzz this time of year is for the person that doesn't really like the process of goal-setting. Continue Reading
Jan 2
New Year, New You?
These traditions are valuable reminders that we must look back to learn and evaluate from the past year and then plan and set new objectives for the new year. It is the combination of looking backward for wisdom and forward with hope that enables us to reach our potential. Not doing both makes a resolution an exercise in futility and likely unattainable. Continue Reading

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