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Dec 8
Another anniversary today.  We celebrate the life of John Lennon as we remember his death of 25 years ago.  Lennon was indeed an innovator and leader in music as a member of the Beatles.  He ushered in a revolution that impacted the music scene on both sides of the pond.

Lennon was known as an anti-establiment agitator.  I am not sure, had he lived, that he would not have been considered an inovator.  His music was diverse, his lyrics inspiring.  As noted in SlantBlog, Lennonlennon.jpg

"had a rare ability to move people.....he challenged people to change; to take a chance on a life based on something better."

I don't know if John Lennon thought of himself as a leader but people followed, they listened. 

The words of John Lennon still ring true, a testament to the timelessness of lyrical wisdom

"All we are saying, is give peace a chance."

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While I am as big of a Beatles fan as then next guy, I think Lennon's political views and philosophies were at best naive and at worst pernicious.

I know he has a huge following and there are many tributes to him today.

The melody of Imagine is captivating and at first glance is a beautiful message -

Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

But if you really take the message of the song for what it stands for, it is a message against taking a stand for a belief (no countries, no religions) or against the concept of right and wrong (no heaven or hell).

I dream of a utopia, and I can "Imagine" what it might be like to live as one, but I do not agree with how we arrive there.

I believe peace comes from strength and being willing to die, if needs be, to protect liberty and freedom and in defense of those countries that promote these God-given rights.

Tim - thanks for the input. I have to agree that I think Lennon found himself in a position of influence that he translated to a political platform. He did not represent me on this platform and I agree he was naive. I can't deny his magentism and therefore influence on music and his fans. Unfortunately celebrity, because it offers a platform of popularity, often causes celebrities to push agendas and more unfortunate is that quite often the masses adopt or agree with this popular agenda based on celebrity not on intelligence.

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