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Think to Thank
As I was  reading yesterday, I came across an interesting bit of teaching.  While it was not related to leadership, its application was crystal clear.  It was simply three words...but three words that are powerful. 

"Think to Thank"

That is right.  Three words that remind us as leaders to show gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.  Oh and while we are thinking about thanking, don't stop at thinking to thank for just a job well done.  Think to thank people.  Remember, your organization is not a conglomeration of "jobs well done" but a team of people.  It is certainly people - their talents, thier comitment, their dedication to you and your team - that make your organization a success. They may not always be perfect.  They may make mistakes.  But your appreciation for their efforts as well as their willingness to grow and to learn will ensure their loyalty.  It is three easy words.  If you will "Think to Thank" your influnece will be boundless.

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Three other words I've always associated with leadership are PIE - "Praise, Instruct, Encourage." Thanking those with whom you work for the good things they do is an important part of that first piece of the "pie" - praising them effectively.

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