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Nov 1
Lead by Doing ...Some More
I ran across this post by Rich Tehrani, from VoIP who wrote about a letter that Warren Buffet had sent to to an associate that had written a positive review of GEICO.

Of course Warren Buffet has had unparalleled success in investing. Much has been written about his success as an investor.

What I found interesting about this letter is that even America's second-richest man is out stumping for his investment.  The billionaire, who owns GEICOs parent, was willing to take the time to show his appreciation for a positive comment about his company.  That is leadership by doing. I guess you never know who is watching, reading or listening. Buffet knows.

And as if things aren’t going well enough for Mr. Buffet, a few days ago a federal judge ordered the Internal Revenue Service to pay him more than $23 million in taxes and interest.

"Proof that Warren Buffet is the smartest life form on the planet" from Mister Snitch

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Hi, Hal. Thanks for stopping by my site and giving me the opportunity to discover yours. Mr. Buffet would be too modest to say it, so I have to: When you're that good, they just can't hold you down.

I couldn't agree more. If an investor emulates even 10% of Buffet's qualities, then he/she will be a complete success.

You have, however, given me a new perspective on Buffet, that is, the value he places on being a leader. I think that aspect of his aproach to business ensures he's more successful than his peers.

Thanks for the post and the link.

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