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Collective Drucker
There are some great thoughts pouring through the Blogosphere relating to management, leadership and Peter Drucker. I note this thought from Civil Commotion:

"Drucker grasped, and enunciated countless ways, that the best managers “manage” nothing; they find great people — make great people, if they must — and turn them loose to do great things, knocking aside the obstacles to great work."

Thanks to Christian Sarkar for pointing out this podcast featuring Peter Drucker.

"In the interview, we find out what Drucker thinks about:
- US involvement in Iraq
- Roosevelt, Truman, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, a hint about Bush
- The Future of America
- Executive Pay
- Knowledge Worker Productivity
- The Knowledge Society
- The American College system
- Capitalism & Free Markets
- The Future of Government
- Cutting the Things that Government is Good At
- Power and its Limits
- The First Constituent - NOT the Shareholder but the Consumer (!)
- Power Sharing in the New World
- The Prosperity of Denmark and Holland
- Where the World is Going
- The End of Western Dominance
- Pluralism: Values and Co-Existence
- Information not Power
- 30 Rough Years Ahead
- America's Return to Humility
- God"

All good stuff and ideas that can make a difference in your world and the world at large.

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