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Be Remarkable not Medicore
Speaking of Seth Godin (see my post on Thought Leaders) check out Seth's take on rolls and how we empower mediocrity becasue of:
soggy rolls.jpg
                “our willingness to settle for work product that                     just isn't that good”

Seth has a knack for making an observation and getting right to the application of that observation. Start with soggy rolls, bring in Wall Street’s focus on the short-term, tie it all up with voting

                "with our dollars to buy things and                                       experiences that are exceptional."

You are right Seth, if we settle for mediocrity we are empowering it to continue. Soggy rolls, accounting, ethics, job performance. As a leader, you have to expect the best from everyone. Sure, we won’t get the best from everyone but you have to expect it. Why not empower excellence? Why not give an employee an opportunity to exceed his own expectations because you expect it. That is what leaders do – they expect more from their employees than even the employee thinks he is capable of. In the end, the employee has achieved a personal accomplishment and your organization has better performance. Sounds like a win-win opportunity to me.

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