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Lead Today, Survive Tomorrow

How do you plan for the most destructive hurricane ever? Can you? Should a leader be required to stand responsible when a crisis occurs?

Of course a leader should be held responsible – not for the crisis – but for the vision she sets forth for her organization.

Business is not static, at least not in today’s world where information and data can move across global markets in seconds. That means instability should be considered the rule and not the exception. As a leader, there are things you can do to arm your organization before the debilitating effects of an unexpected crisis strikes.

  • Effective leaders will set forth a strategic vision and reiterate it often. In times of uncertainty, a steady hand that has consistently charted the course, will find loyal followers in the ranks.

  • Effective leaders will create unity in their organizations. Organizational cohesion that has been formed prior to a crisis, will forge your team against the stress and force of unforesenn challenges.

  • Effective leaders are found among their followers. Your physical presence will engender trust with those in your organization. Your composure and confidence will inspire the same in others.

  • Effective leaders are “guiding lights” to an organization. Your commitment and focus to the business and your people will be an example that stabilizes disequilibrium and makes sense out of the chaos of crisis.

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