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Katrina Holds Leadership Training for Rita

Leadership has probably not been at the forefront of most people’s minds recently with all the devastation of Katrina in the Gulf States. But perhaps it has been nagging at you subconsciously. Because during a crisis, leadership or the lack of it, is what creates cohesion or on the other hand allows chaos to flourish. I have no doubt that most Americans have felt frustrated and helpless the past few weeks. Effective leadership could have changed that.

I think it is interesting how most of us can identify a good leader and also usually know when the opposite is true. We don’t really even try, we just seem to know when leadership is present. We feel less anxious, we have hope and see a path and vision that leads us out of the crisis. We know someone cares and is managing a situation that seems unmanageable. We feel empowered and want to do our part.

I have already sensed a different type of leadership as Rita approaches. Good for us that we can quickly learn and adapt from our mistake of only a few weeks ago.

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